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6合1多功能气压煲 6 IN 1 Multifunction Pressure Cooker ( FOR BARTER TRADE MEMBER ONLY )

RM 880.00


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Operation Time: 2:30pm~5:30pm


可在10分钟内煲汤,粥,30分钟软化豆类食品,不但如此,可以用于煲饭,做糯米饭,烘蛋糕,焖肉类,给生活忙碌的人很简单及节省时间准备食物,而且保留食物的营养。( 日本科技,有预约烹煮功能 )节省时间
It can cook soup and porridge in 10 minutes, and soften beans in 30 minutes. Not only that, it can be used for cooking rice, making glutinous rice, baking cakes, and braising meat. It is easy for people with busy lives and saves time to prepare food. Preserve the nutrition of food. (Japanese technology, with pre-set cooking function) save time.