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3天曼谷潇洒自由2人行 3D2N BANGKOK RELAXING SHOPPING + WONDERFUL FOOD FREE & EASY 2 TO GO ( 1 PAX ) Deparrture Before 31 Oct 2024 ( 一般季节 Normal Season )

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Operation Time: 10:00am~6:00pm


来回机场接送 Return Airport Transfer
2晚水门区3星级酒店 2 Pratunam area star hotel
2个自助式早餐 2 buffet breakfast
* 水门市场,泰国曼谷拉差贴威县的成衣市场,是泰国最大的成衣批发市场,亦有小食、手表和手工艺品售卖。 2016年,曼谷市政府集中清理在水门市场一带挤占行车道的商贩摊位。水门市场批发出售各式成衣及纺织品,吸引世界各地买家,亦成为曼谷一处旅游地标,故较依赖游客光顾维持人气。 Pratunam Market, a garment market in Ratchathewi District, Bangkok, Thailand, is the largest garment wholesale market in Thailand. It also sells snacks, watches and handicrafts. In 2016, the Bangkok City Government focused on cleaning up the stalls of vendors that occupied the traffic lanes in the Pratunam market area. Pratunam Market wholesale sells all kinds of ready-made clothing and textiles, attracting buyers from all over the world. It has also become a tourist landmark in Bangkok, so it relies more on tourists to maintain its popularity.
此行程适合享受当地美食、购物等。This tour suitable for enjoying local wonderful foods and shopping etc.
最少2人出发 Minumum 2 to go
不含机票 Not include air ticket

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